Sponsorship Offer for RECL[AI]M - Generative Algorithms for the Commons

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This page outlines the advantages and deliverables that you will receive by supporting our event, RECL[AI]M - Generative Algorithms for the Commons, with a sponsorship of 1000 dollars in value.
(willing to talk about and negotiate both quantity and deliverables)
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Our goal for this event is to connect and empower the Generative AI for good emerging scene -making AI as more open, transparent, (re)generative and collaborative as possible- with all its amazing projects and professionals, practitioners and researchers, in the beauty of the Austrian Alps.
The CCA is a non-profit created to actively promote the development of digital common goods and infrastructure in the field of distributed ledger technology, now moving to further relevant affordances as AI.
It does so through the operation of the Commons Hub, an experimental playground for emerging technologies, as well as through the organisation of events dedicated to popular themes emerging in the wider tech ecosystems. So far, the CCA has received financial and other support from: BlockScience, Breadchain Cooperative, Celo, Coordinape, Commons Stack, Tezos, Holochain, Community Currencies Alliance, Circles UBI, Neighbourhoods, PowerPool, Regen Foundation, Telos, Q blockchain and ReFi DAO.

Sponsorship benefits

  • The Sponsor logo will appear in all the materials and content related to the event, as banners online, flyers, and other promotional content we’ll produce.
  • A presentation of the Sponsor during the conference week, to approximately 40 participants on site, where the Sponsor representatives (in person if present, or remotely) can talk about the project and/or put in place any activity of their choice; all recorded in high quality audio/video, the following video is a recording from a past event to check it out:
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  • The Sponsor will be explicitly mentioned and thanked as a sponsor on all our social media, during and after the conference, on Twitter https://twitter.com/CCommonsHub, where the most of our social media activity takes place. The presentation mentioned above will be live streamed and recorded on our Youtube channel for everyone to see it.
CCA’s most valuable resource is the network of trusted projects and professionals we have grown since our first iteration of CCG: the Crypto Commons Gathering in September 2021. Our daily activities as our longer-term plans revolve around creating a useful and enriching environment that supports shared goals and enables cross-pollination in this dynamic, complex and fast moving tech space.
The sponsorship contribution of 1000 EUR has to be paid on the Open Collective page of the project “RECL[AI]M - Generative Algorithms for the Commons”, here, by selecting custom contribution - donation. A receipt will be produced and sent automatically.